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Pool Services

One Time Pool Cleaning

Aquanomics Pools is more than happy to help with one time pool cleans when our schedule allows it. We will brush the walls and steps. Empty all baskets, Net the top of the water, and vacuum the floor of the pool.

Drain & Acid Washes

When black algae is present or there is too much dark green algae to do treatments – drain and acid washes are necessary. This process can also get out most stains in the plaster. We power wash the sides, go over the plaster with an acid rinse, and get out all debris. Once, the pool is refilled we come out to fully re-balance the pool.

Pool Filter Cleaning

It is very important for the filter to be cleaned every 3 or 4 months by a professional pool company. The home warranties can void the warranty if not properly done on a regular basis. Also, keeping the filter clean on a regular basis will help to prolong the life of the internals.

Partial/ Premium Pool Service

We allow our customers two different type of pool services to choose from. Neither service has a contract. Our customers can switch services on a monthly basis as needed – not on a weekly. Visit our Weekly Pool Maintenance page for more information.