3 Ideas for Re-tiling Your Pool

A pool well used is a pool that needs taking care of. Over the years, it’s not uncommon to find that your pool’s tiles both in and around it have started to become cracked or worn down through use and proper cleaning. Unless you’re comfortable letting your property look old and weathered, that usually means you’re in for some re-tiling.

While you certainly can just do everything all over again, re-tiling your entire pool is an opportunity to switch things up with a new coat of paint, so to speak. If you’d like to break from the norm, here are three ideas for re-tiling your pool in new and creative ways.

3 Ideas for Re-tiling Your Pool

1. Patterns

The simplest way of giving your pool a little extra personality would be to make patterns in the tiles you select for it. This can be as simple as repeating colors to things as complex as large patterns or words spelled out. Really, it all comes down to your imagination and motivation to get it done.

2. Materials

An easy way to switch things up when re-tiling is to use tiles made from different materials. Ceramic or marble are standard choices, but there are also more distinct options like natural stone that can be used to give a more rustic appearance to your pool.

3. Size

Similar to patterns, the size of the tiles you use can have a major affect on how your pool looks once tiled. Going up or down in size compared to what you used previously or even alternating between sizes of tile can make for an intriguing look to the finished pool, especially when used strategically along with color.

Tiles are an essential part of keeping your swimming pool in working order. If you need help re-tiling or would like professional assistance with any number of pool-related maintenance or installation jobs, contact Aquanomics Pools today.