3 Signs Your Pool Needs New Plaster

A pool is a big investment no matter who you are. It looks good, it’s a treat to have in the summer, and it can really bring a whole yard together if it’s well-maintained. The key here is the “well-maintained” part. Many pools aren’t looking or acting their best for a number of reasons, one of which being poor or damaged plaster. Not only do problems with plaster make your pool appear worse, it can also lead to damage along the foundation. To learn whether or not this might be affecting your pool, here are three signs your pool needs new plaster to look out for.

3 Signs Your Pool Needs New Plaster

1. Discoloration

Over time, the plaster of your pool can begin to discolor from the minerals, body oils, and other things that sit in the water. This not only makes the plaster look worse but can contribute to its degradation through subtle wear and tear.

2. Rough Surfaces

This sign is one you can feel as well as see. Ideally, your pool should have a mostly smooth texture to its surface. Chipped or damaged plaster changes that, however, giving a rough and potentially dangerous feel to the surface.

3. Showing Concrete

Possibly the worst situation you can find yourself in, concrete showing through the bottom or sides of your pool is a clear indicator that your plaster has been entirely worn away. Not only will this feel bad to touch, it also means your concrete is getting saturated with water and is at more of a chance of breaking down.

If your pool’s plaster is starting to show any of these three signs, it might be time to consider a replaster. For all your replastering needs, get in contact with Aquanomics Pools. We provide tons of swimming pool services from plastering, cleaning, tiling, remodeling, and more.