3 Signs Your Pool Needs to be Serviced

Pools are a large investment that you naturally want to make the most out of. How are you going to do that if it starts to wear down, though? Like anything else that ages, pools will sometimes need to be serviced in order to stay in good shape and hold water. Here are three signs your pool needs to be serviced that should tip you off.

3 Signs Your Pool Needs to be Serviced

1. Cracks

Cracks are probably the most obvious signs of wear in a pool as well as some of the most serious. Cracks mean that your pool has suffered serious damage that may be compromising its water retention and structural integrity, potentially making it a danger to even use depending on their depth and frequency. While small blemishes here and there are normal, large amounts of damage to a pool like this are bad news.

2. Poor Filtration

Filters keep pools healthy and habitable. If there seems to be a problem with debris in your pool that isn’t solved by just flushing or cleaning out your filter, that may indicate there’s a more serious issue with the filtration mechanisms themselves that requires an expert to diagnose and fix. Poor circulation or off pH levels can also be signs of this.

3. Inconsistent Water Level

Evaporation is a fact of life and can lead to slight changes in water level over time. However, dramatic changes or inconsistencies with your pool’s water level are almost always going to mean bad news. Leaks, cracks, bad filters, poor heating mechanisms and more can all cause this issue. Most of the time, this is a job for a professional, especially if you can’t figure out what’s causing it.

Keeping your pool in good condition is part of the responsibility of owning one. If you feel like your pool needs to be serviced and you’re facing these three or other issues with your pool, you can contact Aquanomics Pools for help with servicing, cleaning and more.