3 Signs Your Pool Tile Is In Need Of Repair Or Replacement

Taking proper care of your pool helps to keep it in great condition and allows it to function well for you. One aspect of your pool that can sometimes deteriorate and become damaged overtime is your tile. Thankfully, these repairs and replacements can be fixed by hiring a professional. Here are three signs that your pool tile is in need of repair or replacement.

3 Signs Your Pool Tile Is In Need Of Repair Or Replacement

Your Tile Is Cracking

If you notice that your tiles are starting crack, this is a big issue. The cracked tiles offer less protection for your pool, and they can also indicate that there are structural issues going on underneath the tiles. The best way to get your tiles fixed, and look for any other issues, is to hire a professional to come and take care of the repairs for you.

Grout Is Coming Off

Another sign that you need to have your pool tile repaired is if you notice that the grout between the tiles is started to corrode away. This leaves open spaces between the tiles, which can fill up with debris, grime, etc. In this situation, you may not need to have your tiles replaced, but you will need to have the grout redone. When done by a professional, your new grout and current tiles will function well for you for many years to come.

Tiles Are Missing

Lastly, if tiles are completely missing in certain areas of your pool, this is an indication that replacement tiles need to be installed right away. The faster you have the missing tiles replaced, the less likely you are to experience more damage to your pool. A professional will also ensure that your new tiles match your old tiles perfectly and are properly installed.

To learn more signs that your pool tile needs to be replaced, or to hire a professional to repair or replace your pool tile today, visit us at Aquanomics Pools.