3 Things to Change When Remodeling Your Pool

Remodeling your pool can give new life to a tried and true fixture of your yard. Whether your pool is starting to break down, looks dated, or you’ve simply got the money to do something nice for yourself, doing a remodel can be a fulfilling endeavor. If you’re at this stage, you should probably know what you want to accomplish. With that in mind, here are three things to change in a pool remodel to get the best results.

3 Things to Change in a Pool Remodel

1. Tiles

The tiling in and around your pool goes a long way in giving it a cohesive overall look. Regardless of anything else, a simple swap of your tiles can make an old pool look brand new. It’s also a good excuse to tear out and replace broken or cracked tiles. If you went for a rather plain look originally, now’s also a good chance to try and mix it up with new patterns and colors.

2. Dimensions

Remodeling is a great excuse to expand your pool or change the way your current pool looks. It’s much cheaper than building a larger pool from scratch as you’ve already got most of the work done for you.

3. Filter

As your pool ages, so does your filter and the network of pipes and other things that keep it clean. Remodeling is the perfect time to update these elements of your pool, too. What’s the use in having a fancy new pool if it starts sputtering and can’t keep clean, after all?

Pool remodels can give new life to an old pool, so make sure yours does it by considering these three things to change about your pool as you work on it. For help with your remodel or any number of other services from cleaning to replastering and beyond, contact Aquanomics Pools to see what we can offer today.