3 Ways to Personalize Pool Coping

If you’ve got a concrete pool, it’s going to need coping. Coping refers to the cap part the goes around the edge of the pool, sort of like an extra ridge of material. While a simple hole in the ground is just fine, pools need coping for a variety of aesthetic and functional reasons. For today, though, we’ll just be focusing on the aesthetic part of the equation as we break down three ways to personalize pool coping for a more attractive in ground pool.

3 Ways to Personalize Pool Coping

1. Seamless

If you would rather not draw much attention to your pool’s coping, a seamless look might be what you’re after. This would involve using material similar or identical to the surrounding flooring your pool is housed in, essentially giving the impression there’s no coping at all when you look at it. This is a good choice for square or rectangular pools without any bends or twists, as it can really emphasize and true up the corners and gives a nice look contrasted against the blue water.

2. Tile

Tiling is a popular choice for many pools, especially for its ability to neatly contrast with the area around it using colors and the alternating pattern of the tiles and the space between them. This can look fantastic around the outside of a more rounded pool, giving the area an inviting look by softening the edges.

3. Patterned

Having a patterned look to your coping can give a very unique flair to the edge of your pool. Whether it’s meant to emulate the look of surrounding material to go hand in hand with the seamless design or to simply add something nice to look at around the water, it’s a solid choice in any situation.

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