5 Pool Cleaning Tricks

Whether by a professional or yourself, your pool requires regular and thorough pool cleaning and maintenance.

However, the biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to your pool is forgoing cleaning and maintenance altogether.

5 Pool Cleaning Tricks

To ensure that your pool remains clean and beautiful all year, here are five unusual cleaning tips that you might not have thought of.

1. Apply regular Alkalinity Increaser for a consistent pH balance. If you can’t get to a pool store for the Alkalinity Increaser, try some inexpensive baking soda as a quick alternative — they are virtually the same.

2. Body oils and suntan lotions from swimmers will pollute a pool very quickly. A trick that is often employed by pool owners is to toss in a tennis ball, which will absorb many of the oils floating around in the water.

3. Your dog surely loves to swim, but treated pool water isn’t great for your canine companion. Chlorine is bad for your dog’s fur and skin. If keeping your dog out of the pool is simply not an option, consider keeping your chlorine levels below 3.0 for safety.

4. Don’t let your pool get too warm if you want to save money. Healthy pool water should remain around 82 degrees Fahrenheit anyway. If that sounds cold, try keeping a solar cover over the pool for extra heat and savings.

5. If you want to know how much water is evaporating from your pool, try placing a weighted bucket on your stairs and measuring daily water loss. Apply a mark to the side of the bucket regularly as a way to keep track of drastic water loss and hidden issues.

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