5 Terrific Upgrades for Your Swimming Pool

It may be time to upgrade your backyard swimming pool. This adds to the value of your home as you turn the pool area into your private spa resort.  Here are upgrades for your swimming pool that will make your backyard more enjoyable:

5 Terrific Upgrades for Your Swimming Pool

1. Add a Salt Water Chlorinator

Changing your purification system to a saltwater system is not difficult, and it is better for swimmers. You eliminate the need for actual chlorine in liquid, granules, or tablets. The salt chlorinator monitors and activates chlorine as it is needed. Salt is sodium chloride, and it will purify the water without harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin.

2. Add an Electronic Water Fill

Forget about checking the water level of your pool. Water can evaporate quickly in the Texas sun. Splashing and other pool activities can also lower water levels. The electronic water fill system will add water as it is needed to the required level for your pump system.

3. Decorative LED and fiber optic lighting gives and old pool a new look.

Colorful fiber optic and LED light can be inserted directly into the sides or floor of your pool. This will give your pool a new, exotic appearance in the evening. The colors can blend with your landscape. You can have changing colors with a special fiber optic lighting effects.

New LED lights can highlight a waterfall, fountain, or other decorative element. Attractive pool lighting is also another safety measure if you are using your pool in the evening.

4. Time for new decking.

Your old concrete decks and pavers may be cracking or simply worn down. Add colorful natural stone for a completely new resort look. Natural stone includes blue stone coping that complements sandstone decks. You can add colorful stones that do not retain as much heat, and they do not burn your feet.

5. Resurface the pool with aggregate finish pool plaster.

The surface of your gunite pool is probably white. Aggregate pool plaster can add color to the bottom and sides of the pool while it protects the existing surface. Crystals, quartz, and colorful pebbles have been added to form the colorful aggregate.  Combine new aggregate with special lighting for a complete renovation that will turn your yard into an elegant resort.

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