5 Warning Signs of an Unclean Pool

Cleaning your pool regularly helps keep it sanitary and hygienic. Getting your pool serviced on a regular basis will help increase its lifespan and save money in the long run. Here are five signs of an unclean pool.

5 Warning Signs of an Unclean Pool

1. Algae Growth

Both green and black algae can grow in your pool. Green algae is pretty easy to clean up. However, black algae, which can grow on the walls if your pool is left unmaintained for longer periods of time, is harder to clean.

2. Discolored Water

If your pool water starts getting discolored or looks green, that’s a warning sign as well. Causes of discoloration can include algae and corroded metal components due to low pH levels. Rust, leaves, dirt, minerals, and even worms can contribute to discolored pool water.

You may also notice white calcium stains on the sides of your pool, which can happen due to unbalanced pH levels.

3. Bubbly Water

If your water suddenly seems to have a lot more bubbles than usual, it may signal the presence of contaminants in the water. Healthy water should not be foamy or bubbly.

4. Heavy Chlorine Smell

A heavy chlorine smell is not actually a sign that your water is clean. Instead, it means that there are contaminants in the water. In fact, there are probably too many contaminants and you don’t have enough chlorine to fight it. If your pool’s chlorine smell is becoming overpowering, it’s worth getting it checked out.

5. Stinging Eyes and Skin

If the pool water is stinging your eyes and skin, there may be chloramines in your pool. This can happen when chlorine bonds with ammonia and nitrogen in the water. This is not a good thing; the chlorine becomes less effective when that happens. There can also be other things causing the stinging sensation, including the presence of urine in the water.

To schedule your pool cleaning, contact us today. We’d love to help with your unclean pool.