A Safety Fence is Necessary to Protect Your Pool

Your swimming pool must be enclosed with a secure fence for safety. An iron fence, aluminum fence, or lockable fence made from any material is necessary to protect children and others from falling into your pool. The pool fence can also protect people from injuries that include falls on the decking.

A Safety Fence is Necessary to Protect Your Pool

Pool Fencing Options

An attractive wrought iron fence will protect your pool area and you can still have a view of the water and your landscaping. This type of pool safety fence usually has a gate that locks with a key or another mechanism. This is considered a top child fence to protect little ones and pets.

Various styles of aluminum fences are also available to protect your pool. A fence may be a solid brick or stone structure that keeps people from looking into your yard. You do not need someone climbing over the fence to use the pool.

There is also a removable pool fence that is freestanding and made from a mesh material. It is usually a tall security fence with a crossbar that protects against climbers. This type of fence is easy to install and does not require holes in the decking.

Legal Requirements

The location of the pool in your yard will indicate the type of fence that is required. Most in-ground pools must be protected against intruders including curious children as a requirement for your homeowner liability insurance. This also applies to in-ground hot tub spas. (Stand-alone hot tubs usually have a cover with a lock.)

Your backyard fence may be sufficient but many homeowners add an extra fence with a locked gate around the pool if small children live in the home or visit frequently. Many local governments require homeowners and apartment owners to keep the separate pool area safe and secure with a locked door or fence.

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