Acid Wash Treatments & Pool Restoration

Jumping in at the deep end just so you can touch the bottom of the pool is a fun Summertime activity. Just think how much more fun it is to touch the bottom of a clean pool? Truth be told, metal deposits can harden on the bottom of your pool and make it less than desirable for your next pool party. That’s why pool professionals acid wash pools to remove those deposits and to restore a pool’s flooring to its original pristine coloration.

Acid Wash Treatments & Pool Restoration
Acid Wash Treatment in Anna, TX

You’ve Got Concerns

We understand that folks often have concerns about acid wash treatments. It’s acid! To prep for this kind of treatment, we remove all objects from the pool vicinity before we set up an acid wash treatment. Also, we never just leave our acid product lying around on your pool deck! That can ruin a pretty gorgeous deck and we don’t recommend it. Also, even before we drain the pool, we remove all metal ladders and any metal accouterments that could be damaged by the treatment. We then bring our product into the pool area itself so nothing else in your pool area is damaged.

This is How We Do It

When our team does an acid wash, we typically layer the pool area to be treated with sodium bicarbonate or soda ash to neutralize acids – about one or two pounds of it depending on the size of your pool. We like to keep a steady flow of water moving around in the pool so we’ll set up a hose to keep about a foot of water flowing in the pool at all times.

Once we’ve applied the treatment to the affected areas, we’ve pretty much done the job and the acid does the rest! We work the walls of the pool first, and then we do the floor of the pool. And we don’t apply the full force of concentrated acid to do the work because we’ve found adding a little bit of tile soap helps keep the acid in place to do its job.

Spot On Inspection

At the end of the job, we do a thorough inspection to make sure we didn’t miss a spot. Sometimes we re-treat a particularly stained area to make sure all oxidation has been removed and the pool is restored to its sparkling clean surface.

It’s rather satisfying to see the end result of an acid wash job on a pool – especially a pool area that has been hit hard by staining. If you would like to see how we get this job done you can always read more about our awesome team of pool professionals.