Acid Wash

Want to get your pool to sparkle again? Think about getting an acid wash from Aquanomics Pools. This process, which is also called a “drain and clean,” makes your pool look better by making the finish shiner.

So, what does an acid wash really do? It cleans the bottom and sides of your pool by getting rid of mineral layers and surface stains. It also helps get rid of any gunk that has built up and that normal cleaning might miss.

To begin, we completely drain your pool. Following this, we scrub the surface with a unique acid mix.In addition to getting rid of spots, this method also removes a thin layer of the pool’s bottom surface, showing a smoother, brighter finish below.

Just relax, this won’t happen very often if you take good care of your pool. Anytime between 5 and 7 years, an acid wash will make your pool look great.

To avoid having to use acid more often, it is important to keep up with normal maintenance. You can enjoy a sparkling oasis for years to come if you keep your pool clean, balanced, and well-kept.

You’re ready to clean up your pool. To set up your acid wash, call Aquanomics Pools right now!

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Acid Wash pool service