Acid Washing Your Pool: When, Why, and How

Is your swimming pool looking like a swamp? Or maybe you just want to get your pool ready for summer. Over time, hard water, weather and algae can make your pool seem undesirable. If draining, scrubbing, and refilling doesn’t work, then it’s time to consider acid washing.

What is acid washing?

Acid washing is the process of cleaning the pool’s surface with an acid solution and an acid brush. If you take care of your pool with regular maintenance, it should only be done about every 5-7 years. Any more than that will damage the plaster. Although it can be done by you, it should be done by a professional who is trained to work with chemicals, to prevent damage to the plaster, or injury to yourself. An acid wash doesn’t just have to be done to remove tough stains. It can also be done just to brighten up your pool if it is looking a little dark. If the plaster in your pool is very old and thin, or if the stains are too deep, then it may need to be re-plastered.

How does an acid wash work?

When acid washing a pool, a very small layer of plaster is removed with an acid solution and an acid brush to expose the fresh plaster underneath. After it is scrubbed, the residue is neutralized with soda ash and rinsed away. This removes stains on the surface, making your pool look better and brighter.

With an acid wash, your pool will look much more desirable for that pool party, cookout, or any other back yard fun, and just in time for summer! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

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