Ask a Professional What’s Best For You and Your Pool

Ask a Professional What's Best For You and Your PoolCommon questions we get at Aquanomics Pools are:

Would you recommend a salt or chlorine pool?

We don’t recommend one system over another. It really just depends on what kind of experience you’re wanting with the pool. Most people that have severe allergies or sensitive skin will go with the salt system. The salt water isn’t as harsh as chlorine can be. Over time, the salt system could need more maintenance than chlorine pools because salt cells can go out. If the pool is chlorine – you can go with a chlorinator (which holds the tabs) or tabs can be put in a floater. If the salt cell goes out, it has to be replaced – there is no other option.

What size heater would be best for our pool? 

The size of the heater really depends on how big the pool is and if there’s a spa. If a customer has a pool and spa we always recommend the 400BTU. It will heat up the spa in a shorter amount of time and also has the capability of heating the pool. If you go with a small size, such as, a 250BTU it will take longer to heat the spa with little to no chance of heating the pool.

Which weekly service do you usually recommend? 

The service usually depends on where you live and what you expect out of your pool service. If you live in an area with a lot of trees we recommend the premium service. In this service we vacuum the pool as well as net the top of the water. A customer that lives in an area with trees and chooses the partial service should keep in mind that we do not net or vacuum. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much debris in the pool then partial service may be a better fit for you. Especially, if you have a pool sweep. Our customers can switch services on a monthly basis.

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