Check Your Pool for Leaks if Water Level is Low

Leak detection is always a good idea with your swimming pool. Low water level can be caused by small leaks in the drainage system, the pump, the skimmer, or the filter area. Metal fittings such as ladders and lights can also be responsible for leaks.

Your water bill will probably increase with leaks since you will need more water to fill the pool. The ground surrounding your pool may be unusually wet as well.

Check Your Pool for Leaks if Water Level is Low

Bucket Test

One way to learn about a possible leak is the good old bucket test. Fill a five-gallon bucket about 3/4 full of pool water and leave it on the top step of the pool. Mark the water line on the outside of the bucket and the inside of the bucket as well. The water level in the bucket must match the level in the pool.

Begin this test in the evening when the sun is low and unlikely to cause too much evaporation. Turn off the pump and do not use the pool for 24 hours.

Check the water level in the bucket below your marked water line. This represents evaporation. Check the water level on the line outside the bucket. If it is lower than the water level inside the bucket, you may have a leak.


Your pump room or the area where your pump is located may have water on the floor or ground. This is an indication of a leak in the system, including the lines to and from the pool.

Air bubbles coming out of the return line is an indication of a leak in the filter system. Check all metal connections and make sure they are tight. A loose connection can cause a small leak that will grow. The skimmer should be cleaned, and its connection to the pool checked.

The next step is to check the surface of the pool for any cracks. You may need to get wet to do this. You can also use a special red dye that will be sucked into any cracks or leaking areas. This should be done when the pump is off and no one is in the pool.

Contact us at Aquanomics Pools if you suspect a leak. Our repair service will inspect the pool, pump, and filter system. We will correct the problem to keep your pool in good condition.