Chemical Balance & Why it’s Important

Chemical Balance & Why it's ImportantUnderstanding the chemical levels in your pool is very important. There are health concerns, as well as, problems to the pool an unbalance can create. Remember, every time you add a chemical to the pool it will alter the other chemical elements. Here are the 4 chemical readings you should be familiar with.

Calcium Hardness

Ever notice a white build up on your tile? That’s caused from too much Calcium in the water. Two reasons for calcium build up.

  1. There is calcium in the tap water, so as you add water to the pool over a long period of time it will slowly build up.
  2. Calcium based products can also raise the levels as well.

Aquanomics Pools does not use calcium based products. The ideal range for Calcium Hardness is between 200-400 ppm. Once, the levels are out of range is when you will start to notice the change in the way the water feels, as well as, the white build up around the pool. If the levels get out of range – a partial drain and refill is required to level out the balance.

pH Reading

The ideal range for the pH reading is between 7.2 and 7.8. When the pH gets lower than the ideal range it can cause equipment problems. Ever wonder why your pool has rings close to the water line? This is because the pH levels are too high. Acid and Soda Ash can be used to lower and raise the pH levels.


The best range for Alkalinity is between 80-150 ppm. Alkalinity can be raised by adding Bi-Carb or Bi-sulfate to lower it.

Chlorine Levels

The chlorine levels should stay between 2.0 and 5.0 ppm depending on the time of year. It is important to add the chlorine tabs to a chlorinator or floater. Do not put the tabs inside the skimmer. Harsh chemicals can cause equipment issues.

Important note: CYA is a bi-product of chlorine. Over time the CYA levels build up similar to Calcium. The ideal range for CYA is 60-100 ppm. If the levels get out of range the pool will go into “chlorine lock.” Basically, it puts the chlorine to sleep so algae is able to grow. The only way to re-balance is to partially drain the pool and refill.

Let us maintain the chemical levels for you. Call Aquanomics Pools today for a free quote on weekly service.

* On average, a pool will need to be drained and re-filled every 3-5 years.