Choosing a Pool Tile You’ll Love

Tiling your pool is a big decision, one that will influence the appearance of your yard for years to come. The colors, patterns, and textures you choose will permanently shape your backyard experiences. Will your pool be the lagoon of your naturalist haven or a shining sapphire to complete your backyard mini-resort? Whatever you choose, make sure the design matches your yard, lifestyle, and personal aesthetic sense.

Choosing a Pool Tile You'll Love

Safe and Beautiful Surface Tiles

The surface tile is what will line the walls and floor of your pool. This is what your bare feet will walk on, what you will kick off of and what will reflect up through the water into your yard. There are two major considerations with the surface tile: texture and color.

  • Texture: You want to choose a floor texture that both provides kick-off friction and isn’t sharp on water-softened feet.
  • Color: Most people choose a clear, glittering blue. This can range from a pale sky blue to bright Caribbean blue, occasionally dipping into a deeper blues for a more somber effect. These pools are beautiful but unsurprising. You can choose to add a dash of color with a floor mosaic or shock your friends by choosing a completely nonstandard color like purple or bright green.

Accent With Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are those that line the edge of the pool, between the waterline and the ledge. You can choose to continue your surface tile pattern up to the top or add a special decorative topper. It is safer and quite attractive for these tiles to be mirrored and even made of glass, as traction is less of a concern above the water line.

Above all, make sure that you’ll be happy with the look and feel of your new pool. Once your pool is complete don’t forget to keep it that way with pool services. Get started today, contact us and we’ll see to it that your investment stays protected with regular pool maintenance.