There are four types of pool coping material – natural stone, bricks, concrete pavers, and composite materials. At Aquanomics Pools, we can install any of them for you.

What is Pool Coping?

Coping around pool or pool coping is a lip/cap that runs around the outside of the pool, protecting the pool structure and preventing water from seeping in around the pool shell. Fortunately, while coping is a necessity, it’s also a chance to add a beautiful finishing touch to your pool area.

What type of coping is best for salt water pools?

Stone coping around pool is typically best for salt water pools. However, when opting for a saltwater pool, you need to choose the coping and sealant solution carefully. Stone copings are usually the best choice since they will not deteriorate as rapidly as other coping materials like wood or concrete.

What is the difference between coping and bullnose?

Bullnose coping is a style of pool coping that refers to a rounded edge finish. Instead of a sharp or square edge, bullnose gives you a slightly curved edge. This can be a great look and a softer feel. The rounded shape has safety benefits, as well as offering you a smoother look and texture for your pool.

What’s the best option for coping?

Travertine is an ideal material for pool coping for several reasons. The first reason is this stone is cooler to the touch when compared to other stones. The second reason is it offers a high level of slip-resistance, making it safer for wet feet of all ages. You have lots of options, though, and we can help you weigh the pros and cons.