Do you Need Yearly Pool Maintenance?

There are many routine maintenance tasks required for a clean and pool. We all know that we have to scoop out debris and check the pH regularly. However, there are some bigger tasks that should probably be reserved for a seasonal maintenance check and perhaps left to professional pool people.

Do you Need Yearly Pool Maintenance?

Pool Filter Repair

Most types of pool filters have cloth cartridges that can tear or get clogged. A thorough scrubbing and inspection should be done once a year, even with DE filters. A chemical bath around this time can be exactly what your filter needs to remove oils that might clog the cartridge. Sand filters need to be cleaned once a year too.

Clean Surfaces

Does your pool have a slide surface? Is there a suspicious white line of calcium at the waterline? Your yearly maintenance check is a great time to scrub off these surfaces to remove oils and make your pool clean and comfortable. There are a number of ways that can completely remove limescale and buff up pool surfaces in a way that improves your water quality.

Tighten The Bolts And Check Moving Parts For Soundness

Over time, the bolts that hold down various parts of the pool loosen and features start to float free. No one wants to discover how loose the bolts have become by a piece falling off, and checking them regularly and tightening them avoids any unpleasant surprises.

Fine Tune Accessories

Pool cleaners may need replacement parts, pool nets might need to have debris removed from them, and fountains may need a scrubbing. You might as well tackle these all at once and make sure your pool is ready for hard use.

Lubricate O-rings

There are many pool parts that require o-rings, which are prone to wear and tear over time. Checking them and lubricating them once a year protects the items that o-rings are part of from damage.

If your pool needs a deep clean, contact us. Aquanomics Pools has the expertise to make your pool sparkle.