Does Your Pool Need A Remodel?

Household projects can be fun, and the summer is a great time to do them. The longer days and warmer days make them feasible. If you are thinking that you should undertake such a project, but aren’t really sure what you want to do, we suggest remodeling the pool. There are three reasons why you might want to do this.

Does Your Pool Need A Remodel?

Fixing Requires So Much You Might As Well Redo It

Sometimes pools need a lot of love. If you have just bought a house, the previous owners might have let the pool plaster fall out and filters fall apart. Or perhaps you have been away for a long time, unable to maintain the pool. There could be lots of reasons that a pool might have deteriorated. Naturally, the pool will need a considerable amount of work to bring it back up to scratch. At a certain point, a pool needs so much work that you might as well dig it out and remake it to your current needs.

It’s Getting A Little Dull

Sometimes backyards need a little jazzing up. The lawn looks tired and the deck has lost its luster. Maybe the pool area has always looked a bit more like a permanent puddle to you but you never had the chance to fix it. Never fear: there are many ways to make your pool look brand new and charming. Perhaps you would like to add a waterfall, a sun shelf, or a jazzed-up deck? You can add a fancy coping or a few tiles to create an eye-catching scene.

You Would Like To Wow Guests This Summer

Are you having out-of-state visitors over for the hot summer months? Do you plan on doing a lot of outdoor entertaining? Summer is the season to hold outside picnics and enjoy the fireworks from your backyard. A revamped pool is a great way to impress your guests. Even if no one wants to go swimming, few things are more captivating than stars twinkling in your pool as your new waterfall ripples the placid surface and the burble of the waves lapping against the pool wall joins the gentle chatter of your guests. Imagine the moonlight glittering off of the new tiles, the lazy play of colors as the water reflects the sunset, and the interplay of light over the waterfall.

If you are thinking of remodeling your pool, please contact us. We have years of experience in making beautiful in-ground pools to make everyone’s backyards stand out.