Everything You Need to Know About Acid Washing Your Pool

If the color of the water in your pool starts to look darker or unusually murky, you might need to get an acid wash for your pool. No one wants to swim in discolored water. Usually, a pool will need to be acid washed every five to seven years. If left untended, your pool can develop algae growth that will stain the surface of your pool. The algae can also burrow into the material of the pool and can only be removed with an acid wash.

Everything You Need to Know About Acid Washing Your Pool

What does acid washing do to your pool?

Acid washing your pool will remove a thin layer of the pool’s surface. This helps to get rid of ugly stains and calcium deposits that might have built up over the years. In general, acid washing your pool can give it a fresh appearance. Also, if your pool has had issues with algae growth or hard water, acid washing can help to remove algae and balance the pH and alkalinity levels of your pool. If the water in your pool gets too hard, it can cause calcium to build up in your pool’s plumbing. This is why it is necessary to get your pool acid washed at the right time.

Can you do it yourself?

Acid washing is something that you can do yourself, but it can also be risky to take on the task without experience. Improperly acid washing your pool can cause too much of the surface to be stripped. Not only can it harm the surface of the pool, but it can also end up discoloring it. More importantly, the acids used to wash the pool can be dangerous for your health. If you don’t wear the proper protective gear, you can damage your skin and respiratory system. That’s why it is best to hire a professional with experience to acid wash your pool.

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