Fall Pool Maintenance: Keep Your Pool In Top Shape This Fall

Fall is just around the corner and as the temperature drops, you’ll probably be using your pool less and less. Try these fall pool maintenance tips to be sure your pool stays in prime condition as cooler weather approaches.

Fall Pool Maintenance: Keep Your Pool In Top Shape This Fall


Skim the pool for leaves and other debris. You will also want to scrub and vacuum the pool, including the walls and floor, skimmer baskets, and lint baskets. Algae can grow and thrive in unclean water and so taking preventative measures will help you to keep them at bay.


Your pool’s ideal pH level ranges from between 7.2 and 7.6. Now is the perfect time to check the levels to be sure they are within range. If not, you will need to apply a treatment to your pool to restore it to proper levels. Your swimming pool maintenance specialist can guide you through the process to help keep your pool safe to use.


As the weather turns cool and you are no longer using your pool, you will want to maintain a regular shock treatment schedule now and throughout the cold weather months. Once a shock treatment has been applied, you will want to run the pump and the pool filter for several hours to ensure that the product has been distributed evenly throughout the water.


Covering your pool when it is not in use can help you to prevent your pool from losing water and accumulating leaves and other unwanted debris. Your pool specialist can help by recommending a quality pool cover suitable for the type of pool that you have.


Even when it gets cold outside, it’s important that you continue to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Make a quick visual check of your pool each week and determine whether all the equipment is running as it should. Your inspection should include a check of the pH and chlorine levels, water levels, and skimmer basket.

It takes a good deal of work to keep your swimming pool operating in good order. Take action now to be sure as the weather gets cold, your pool remains in good shape, avoiding any unwelcome surprises when warm weather rolls around again.

If you have any questions about the best way to maintain your pool in autumn or you would like to learn more about our pool maintenance services, please feel free to contact us for more information.