Filter Cleaning for a Cleaner Pool

You know the importance of keeping your pool clean, but do you know why having your pool’s filter cleaned is an important part of that process? Proper filter cleaning will help keep your pool clean.

Filter Cleaning for a Cleaner Pool

High Pressure and Damage

If your pool filter is not cleaned often enough, the filter’s internal parts can be damaged due to high pressure. You don’t want any unnecessary damage to occur. In order to prevent issues, it’s essential you have your pool filter cleaned every four months.


Algae becomes a problem when a dirty filter doesn’t allow water to circulate properly. Have you ever swam in a pool with algae growth? It’s not a pretty sight.

Filter Types

DE Filters

Do you have a DE filter? DE filters enable you to backwash them, meaning you’re able to clean them out some contaminants by reversing the direction of water flow. A DE filter should be backwashed once every couple weeks or so. Still, because backwashing can’t take care of everything, your DE filter will need to be taken apart and cleaned every four months. This will keep your pool cleaner, ensuring it remains a fun place to swim.

Cartridge Filter

Unlike DE filters, cartridge filters don’t have a backwash setting. It’s recommended you have them taken apart and thoroughly cleaned every four months as you would a DE filter.

Want to Learn More?

Regardless of the type of filter used in your pool, it’s important to get it cleaned regularly. You want to keep your pool nice and algae free, and you don’t want any filter damage. This is why filter cleaning becomes a necessity. Here at Aquanomics Pools, we want to help you keep your pool clean and ready for use. If you are looking to get your pool filter cleaned or would like to know more about our process and services, contact us. We love our clients and want to give you the best pool experience possible.