Four Reasons to Consider Pool Remodeling

After installation, most homeowners are in awe of their swimming pools. As time goes on however, people often become less satisfied with their pools, and begin wanting something different. Many assume that they are stuck with their design and that changes are simply not possible. That’s not at all the case-here are some occasions when pool remodeling might be in order.

Four Reasons to Consider Pool Remodeling

You Want a Different Shape or Size

Perhaps that oblong pool was perfect once upon a time, but lately you have been longing for something more whimsical. Maybe your pool is too big for you now that your children have grown. Either way, a pool remodeling project could be in order.  Through pool remodeling, you can even change the depth of your pool or go from a staircase to zero entry.

Your Tile is Cracked or Worn

Cracked, worn, or faded tile can really detract from your pool’s aesthetics. Old tile can even cause it to appear dated. To keep your pool looking like new, consider having the old tile chipped out to make room for new tile, grouting, and plaster.

You Long For New Decking

Let’s face it-what surrounds your pool is almost as important as the fixture itself. If you are making even minor changes to your decking, modifications to the pool might also be needed in order to balance everything out.

You Want Updated Equipment

Many times, pool remodeling is performed for the sole purpose of making it more modern. Adding features such as an improved sanitation system, LED lighting, or a fountain will improve the appearance of your pool, while making it more updated and trendy.

If your current pool no longer suits you, take heart because changes are possible. Our design team can help you with a nearly endless array of possibilities.  To discuss them further, please contact us.