Get Basic Pool Tile When You Want to Let Other Features Shine

When you look at pools in magazines, on the Internet, and at your friends’ houses, you may find all sorts of pool tile colors, sizes, and styles. This can make it tough to decide what tile to pick for your own pool. Choosing basic tile works because it will give you all the functionality you need. You cannot go wrong with this decision when you want to let other pool-related features shine. Taking care of your pool  will help keep it spotless as well.

Get Basic Pool Tile When You Want to Let Other Features Shine


If you have an impressive landscape and intend on doing the same to the area around the pool, you will appreciate getting basic tile that does not draw attention away from the plants. Even though you will want to minimize the debris that gets into the pool, you can grow all sorts of colorful shrubs, bushes, and flowers to make the pool look inviting to family and friends.

LED Lights

Going with basic tile is perfect for when you want to add LED lights to the pool. You may plan on adding color-changing LED lights, which makes it ideal to go with a neutral color tile. This will ensure that whether you use blue, green, or red, every color will mesh with the pool’s design.


Adding a waterfall to your pool is an excellent way to bring functionality and attractiveness. If you do not want to go all the way under the water, you can go under the waterfall to get a quick splash on your head. You can even design it in a way that allows you to go behind the waterfall.

If you intend on using rocks to set up the waterfall, you may want to match the tile color with the color of the rocks. This will make the waterfall look like a seamless addition to your pool.

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