Getting Your Pool Ready for The Winter

Getting Your Pool Ready for The WinterSpecial care must be taken in order to prepare your pool for winter. Here are some one-time cleaning chores you should perform to ensure yours is properly protected.

Backwash the Filter

Before performing any other cleaning, you should thoroughly backwash your filter to remove any buildup that’s inside it. If you have a DE filter, you should also drain it and leave the backwash valve open. If your filter contains sand, you’ll need to remove the filter drain plug instead. This will allow all the excess water to drain from your filter and prevent damage.

Pool Accessories

You should remove any accessories such as ladders and diving boards from your swimming pool, and then spray them down to get rid of any chemical residue. Once they have dried completely, cover them with a tarp and then store them inside.

Skimmer Basket and Strainer

Your skimmer basket and pool pump strainer should also be removed and cleaned. Once you have removed all debris from them, you can either put them back in place, or take them out and store them with your other pool accessories.


The final step before adding winterizing chemical is vacuuming your pool. You should ideally remove as much debris from the bottom of your pool as possible to prevent matter from breaking down and making it difficult to balance your water come spring.

Once you have completed all of these steps, it will then be time to add chemicals and then cover your pool with a tarp. If you have a cement pool, additional steps could be needed to prevent it from cracking during the winter months. To ensure the job is done right, we invite you to contact us.