How to Keep Your Pool Clean In the Fall or Winter

While your pool will get the most attention in the summertime, it needs proper year-round care. Seasonal maintenance during fall and winter is essential to keep your water playground in tip-top shape to ensure it lasts long. Find out how often you should clean your pool and how you can do it in the months following summer.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean In the Fall or Winter

Pool Chemical Levels in Winter

Just like you monitor the chemical balance in the swimming seasons, you should continue doing the same throughout fall and winter. The level will change and require adjustments when necessary.

The best pool chemical levels are:

  • Chlorine: 1-3 parts per million (ppm)
  • pH: 7.2-7.5
  • Calcium: 200-400 ppm
  • Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid (CYA): 30-40 ppm

You may not add chlorine as often as in summer, but you should create a regular plan. A few times a week is enough to keep the pool clean.

Clean Regularly

The best period for cleaning your pool is two to three days. Check for debris and vacuum the pool to prevent them from building up at the bottom. Even if your pool is covered during the cool seasons, you should remove the cover and clean it regularly.

Pool Cover Precautions

If you decide to cover your pool in the cold seasons, it is essential to remember that algae grow best in moist, dark, and warm environments. The cold weather will inhibit algae growth, but the area under the pool will be a prime spot for its algae growth during warm winter days.

You can prevent this issue by uncovering the pool during warm days, cleaning it, and adding chlorine. Additionally, leaves will be your biggest issue in the fall. It is essential to clean them before they clog the pump basket, skimmer, and plumbing lines.

Fall Pool Cleaning

The cooler months are not peak swimming seasons, but the pool still requires regular cleaning. It is best to clean the pool a few times every week to maintain the chemicals, remove debris, and prevent algae growth.

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