Kid Proof Your Infinity Edge Pool

Your pool should have an infinity edge pool fence to be a safe oasis at home.  Infinity Pools have a vanishing edge, which drops off at the horizon. Kids are not always careful when running around outside, and this special feature will keep them from sustaining an injury. Aquanomics Pools services the North Dallas area, so make sure to take action if your pool needs an upgrade for family safety.

Kid Proof Your Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity Pool Landscape Design

To make the infinity pool safety fencing look the best, live on a landscape with a deep hillside. Beautiful design components such as the drop-off pool edge makes for water running over to an area underneath. This optical trick creates a sleek look to a modern backyard. If you have a tropical view, the water’s edge will seem to blend into the horizon. Homeowners with a cityscape ahead can feel one with their urban surroundings.

Infinity Pool Safety

If you are wondering whether this type of relaxing oasis is safe, the sensory illusion does not mean you will fall off the edge of a cliff. Families do not need to be afraid of having their kids swim in an Infinity Pool. However, the lower basin could be a safety hazard if your child jumps off the edge. Water that catches there will evaporate quicker than normal.  A bordering fence will prevent utter disaster from happening at home.

Are you wary about having a safe pool area? We will service your pool to make sure there is a secure design to the landscape. Our team of professionals revel in meeting your safety needs.

If you need work done to your infinity edge pool, please contact us to schedule a service, or call 214-494-2969. We will come to the rescue as soon as possible.