Pay Attention To Those Pool Accessories Too

A pool isn’t just a hole in the ground with some water in it. It is a whole network of interlocking systems designed to provide pleasure for the senses. This requires some pool accessories that sometime don’t get a lot of attention, but can cause problems if they break down. For instance:

Pay Attention To Those Pool Accessories Too


Sometimes the accessories aren’t just important to the pool’s health, but also for your budget’s health. One of these is the timer. This device is attached to a pool pump in order to regulate when it is turned on. Pool pumps are essential for the health of a pool and its water, but they use a lot of energy. Setting your timer so that your pump is on for 8 hours out of the day is a good way to ensure that your pool water is pristine without it costing you a fortune or running down the motor. Sometimes, however, a pool timer ceases to work. It could be that the pins in the timer are defective. It could be that the timer has simply worn out. A pool professional can easily replace it so that it can go back to controlling your pump.


If you have a salt water pool, then it probably has a chlorinator. This is a cell that brine passes through in order to make chlorine, which is how the water stays clean. Most of the time, you can tell if the chlorinator is working if the production lights are on or the needle is clean. If you can see the chlorinator cell housing, the surrounding water should be cloudy from the salt going through it and producing chlorine. You can also test the water coming out of the cell for chlorine. So long as there is enough salt in the water, the production lights should be on and the cell should be producing chlorine. If it isn’t, you might want a professional to check on the health of the chlorinator.

As you can you see, some pool accessories are just as important for the function of your pool as the mastic and pumps. They make having the pool tenable for everyone who wants one. If yours breaks down give Aquanomics Pools a call. We have years of experience upgrading and fixing many of the important pool accessories that make your pool your pride and joy.