Pool Chemicals: Tips for Maintaining Chlorine Levels

Pool Chemicals: Tips for Maintaining Chlorine LevelsWhen it comes to maintaining an above-ground or in-ground pool, one of the most difficult aspects if that of ensuring the pool chemicals are balanced at all times. Specifically, keeping chlorine levels just right can be a challenging task for any pool owner. Fortunately, there are some steps pool owners can take to ensure the proper chlorine levels in their pool at all time.

Use Chlorine Tabs

While using liquid chlorine is better for your pool overall, chlorine tabs can make maintaining levels easier because they slowly disintegrate over time. For a gradual release of chlorine throughout the day or when you’re out-of-town, then, consider placing chlorine tabs in your pool skimmer or in a floating release device. Just be sure not to throw these directly in your pool, as they can damage liners if left sitting directly on them.

Add Chlorine in the Morning

To make the most of your chlorine additions, make sure you’re adding it to the water at the right time of day. Ideally, chlorine should be added early in the morning before the sun makes its full appearance. This will help to ensure that the chlorine has a chance to fully dissolve into the water rather than being evaporated by the sun. It can also be a good idea to add chlorine at night, just after the sun has gone down.

Hire a Pool Service

Of course, pool maintenance is something that not all people have time for. If you struggle with maintaining the chlorine and other chemical levels in your pool, you might want to consider hiring a professional pool service to take care of these tasks for you. This can be a great way to enjoy the convenience and luxury of owning a pool without the hassle of trying to maintain one yourself.

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