Pool Cleaning Before, During, And After Your Backyard Party

While swimming pool ownership offers fantastic benefits, including a place at home to wade and lounge and a cool, refreshing addition to a backyard party, it also demands great responsibility. The cleanest pools last the longest, providing years of aquatic fun. Every pool owner must follow these steps to bring the most out of their swimming pool:

Pool Cleaning Before, During, And After Your Backyard Party


Set the water’s pH from 7.4 to 7.6 while adjusting alkalinity and calcium hardness. The process should take fifteen minutes at most, and avoids difficulties in removing hard water buildup after your party. Allow pool filters to run overnight to ensure stable chlorine levels while swimmers fill the pool.


Stay vigilant. Observe swimmers and watch out for any safety hazards, including too many people within the pool, rowdy horseplay, and of course, visible trash, including paper plates, cups, and other disposable items. At any period during the party when the pool stands unoccupied, declare a break and shock the swimming pool. 1 pound per 5,000 gallons safely cleans the pool of urine, hair gel, suntan lotion, and other substances out of your control. After the break, remain observant for any pieces of trash that fall into the pool. Immediately remove the waste once the pool remains unoccupied for the day.


Give your swimming pool a thorough shocking. 1 or 2 pounds per 11,500 gallons effectively cleans the dirtiest of pools, eliminating bacteria and keeping water safe during your next swim. Carefully mop areas near the pool and always, empty all of your pool filters and other related devices to avoid overuse and damage associated with large objects caught in the filters. Cover your pool after post-party cleaning.

Swimming pools provide splashes of fun, but also require dedicated maintenance. Following these tips keeps your pool clean, sturdy, and ready for years of enjoyment. For more information on the best in swimming pools, contact Aquanomics Pools.