Pool Cleaning Before Winter Arrives

Pool Cleaning Before Winter ArrivesMany homeowners cover up their pool with a tarp when the weather begins to get colder since it will not be used as often as in the warmer months. Whether you are planning on using the pool occasionally during winter or not at all, it can be so helpful to get the entire pool cleaned thoroughly beforehand.

Consider the following benefits if you are unsure of whether a professional pool cleaning is needed for your home.

Water is Safe for Swimming All Winter

Even if you clean the pool on your own, you could still be at risk when swimming if you are not diligent with checking the chemicals regularly. In order for the water to be safe to swim in throughout winter, you should bring in a professional pool cleaner to check the water and perform any cleaning that needs to be done.

Prevent Algae Growth When the Pool is Covered

If you are going to be covering your pool with a pool cover, it is important that the water underneath is going to stay clean. Algae growth is a major concern you may have not considered before, making it a good idea to give the pool a final deep clean.

Assistance with Covering the Pool

Covering the pool with a large tarp designed for swimming pools is a good idea, but it can be difficult to pull it over if you have not used one before. To ensure that bugs and other pests cannot get into the water, ask if the pool cleaners can put on the cover after the cleaning is done.

For more advice on the best maintenance for your swimming pool or to schedule a cleaning, contact us.