Pool Filter Maintenance & Replacement

Pool FiltersWhether you’ve chosen to use a cartridge, diatomaceous earth or sand filtration system, one thing is certain. Pool filters remain an important part of any backyard setup. It is their main job to work with pool pumps in the removal of unwanted, potentially unhealthy materials. So without them, swimming areas will quickly become stagnant and unhealthy.

Of course simply installing pool filters is not enough to keep the water clean. Pool owners must ensure that they’re using the right filters and changing them as often as needed. How often are filter changes needed? That’s an answer that varies due to a number of factors and the type of filtration system is one of them. Diatomaceous earth, sand and cartridge filters all have their own pool maintenance needs.

Most pool filters have to be backwashed or manually cleaned with a garden hose every time the water pressure reached a designated level. However, there are also situations when pool filters must be soaked, disassembled or replaced. The frequency often depends on the amount of visual and microscopic debris that has been allowed to build up in the water over time.

For instance, let’s say that a family of six likes to entertain poolside every weekend. The guests and family members also love to wear oil-based sunscreen and lots of hair products. The sticky, oily residue from all of those hair products and sunscreen will eventually find their way into the pool filter. As such, that particular pool filter may need to be cleaned once a month as opposed to once a season.

Similar may be said for pools that are located near trees, pollen producing plants, heavily traveled roadways and other areas where a great deal of airborne debris is likely. Therefore, the best way to stay on top of pool filter changes is to have the swimming area professionally serviced each month. Pool maintenance crews can check the water pressure levels at that time and make filter change decisions accordingly.

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