Pool Remodeling after Buying a Fixer-Upper Home

When you buy a fixer-upper property, you may know that you have a lot of work to do before it becomes a home that you love. If it has an outdated and damaged pool, you may not have an attractive backyard to show off until it is fixed. Remodeling the pool is a smart idea because it will turn it into a place that your family can use in between other remodeling projects.

Pool Remodeling after Buying a Fixer-Upper Home


It is worth improving the landscape around the pool area. Some pools have little to no greenery nearby, which can lead to the space feeling a little plain and empty. Pool experts can pick out native flowers, trees, and shrubs that are not going to lead to extra cleaning responsibilities. It is also worth considering the addition of a tree to provide shade to one section of the pool.


Another project that you may want to take on with your pool is resurfacing. If you have plain concrete with several cracks around the pool, you may want to replace it all. An excellent option is brick or pavers because it can provide a unique look while also being harder to slip on.


Swimming in a pool is enjoyable on its own, but you can add certain features to provide a better experience for your family. Adding a waterfall to your pool is an ideal project. It will create a soothing sound that you can enjoy whenever you are in or near the pool. Also, your children will have an opportunity to get creative and play games revolving around the waterfall.

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