Pool Repairs: An Ounce Of Prevention

Pool Repairs: An Ounce Of Prevention

Why Worry About Pool Repairs?

After all, you have more pressing issues, right?  Well, there are more reasons, but these quickly come to mind:

  • The health and safety of those using the pool. This factor is the reason we use professionals who make sure the water is safe to swim in. They don’t adjust the chemical content for appearance, but for safety.
  • Liability concerns. Sometimes people get hurt poolside in accidents that are unavoidable, but sometimes there are preventable “accidents” that a simple repair professionally done would have stopped from happening.
  • Your pool’s health too! Preventive maintenance, a.k.a. pay a little for a small repair now, or pay a lot later for a repair that grew larger, is what wise pool owners do. It’s wise because if and when the time comes to sell your home a classy healthy pool is a selling feature.
  • Your viewing pleasure. Like that new car you bought, a ding or scratch doesn’t prevent using the car, it’s just a daily annoyance to see.

Like The Deep End, Pool Repairs Require Experience.

Seriously, don’t try this at home. Repairing that ding on your car requires expert help. Your pool repairs need the same expertise. Please don’t go off the deep end and waste time and money. We proficiently deliver a wide variety of pool services including repairs. Cleanings are of course a mainstay of our skills as well as routine maintenance. We also perform the “drain and acid wash” procedure. We’re a family owned operation, so the buck stops with us as opposed to a corporation or franchise headquartered far away. When you contact us today we’ll answer any questions, and we even provide a written estimate, so costs are known upfront. The risk of waiting is high, so please get in touch and invest that ounce of prevention!