Let us take care of your pool

Monthly Pool Service Costs the Same as a Cell Phone Plan

If you guessed that the average American pays about $100 for their cell phone bill every month, you’d be correct. It’s also the starting monthly cost of basic weekly maintenance for your pool. Not that we want you to toss out your cell phone anytime soon, but comparing the price might persuade you to consider adding our pool service to your budget.

Pool Service Doesn't Have to Be an Expensive Luxury

Delegate the Task of Pool Maintenance to Professionals

It’s pretty much proven that the more tasks you delegate to other people the more you can accomplish doing your own thing. Maybe you enjoy cleaning out catch basins and backwash filters on the regular. So, even if you do, why not select a group of professionals to do it for you? Unless you’re a professional pool handyman (which probably you aren’t) give the tasks to someone else and use that time you saved to call a friend, host a play date, or work on that epic project you’ve always wanted to do.

Basic Pool Service

We’re not pulling your chain when we tell you that even the most basic pool service is not only affordable, but it comes with a pretty sweet package. Our team handles cleaning out your pool waste, checking your chemical levels, eyeballing your equipment, checking finger screens, and backwash filters, and assuring you that all is ready for your next pool party this Summer.

Premium Pool Service

We are proud to say that our premium service is $40 more than our basic service. You get everything you get from our first level service, but we go in deep and use our quality nets to remove insects, debris, and whatever is floating on the top of your pool. We also go in and vacuum the floor of the pool. Finally, we brush away any residue that has collected on the steps and walls of your pool.

Call Us and Schedule an Appointment

Whether you are looking for pool service, weekly maintenance, or repairs on your pool or spa, rest assured that Aquanomics Pools has the right portfolio of products, services, and the necessary know-how to address all of your swimming pool related concerns. Also, Aquanomics Pools is licensed and insured. Contact us online or give us a call at 214-494-2969.