Pool Services for Salt Water Systems

Children and adults with sensitive skin or allergies may find themselves using their backyard pool less and less due to the reactions they face from chlorine. Aquanomics Pools is able to address those concerns and service all types of pool systems. Customers with sensitivity to chlorine simply prefer a saltwater system. Aquanomics Pools is happy to accommodate any pool owner looking to make the switch from chlorine to saltwater.

Pool Services for Salt Water Systems

Kids and Swimming

Pool owners, with young children, have found saltwater systems may work better for them when it comes to introducing their babies to the water because it can mean less stinginess to the eyes and less skin irritation. Saltwater systems also replace the strong smell associated with traditional chlorine pools.

Pool Equipment and Decking

Saltwater systems do not harm existing pool equipment, decking, diving boards, pool ladders, or water toys. According to The Salt Institute, “When pools are properly constructed and normal maintenance is followed, salt water has no effect on pool finishes, equipment, and decks.” Aquanomics Pools can provide all of the required pool services associated with a customer’s saltwater system.

Converting to a Salt Water System

More and more homeowners and commercial businesses are converting their chlorine pools to salt water. It appears to have become a growing service trend, that Aquanomics Pools is capable of supplying to their customers. Saltwater systems may contribute to a salty taste for swimmers while they are taking laps or jumping from a diving board. However, the use of saltwater can lead to a cleaner overall smell and a less intense hair shampooing after leaving the pool.

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