Filter Cleaning

Pool filter cleans need to be done every 4 months to ensure the internals don’t get damaged from high pressure. The circulation of the water in the pool is determined by how clean the filter is. If the filter is dirty and the pool isn’t circulating properly algae can grow. A dirty filter will void our algae free guarantee if a filter clean is denied. We clean DE & Cartridge filters .

The filters are taken apart and the drain plug is pulled so water is emptied out of the tank. All the internals and tank are cleaned then put back together. Before and after photos are provided to the customer via email after the job is done.

DE Filter – Needs to be backwashed a couple times a month. DE is included during this process. We do not charge to backwash the pool filter this is included in the weekly service. However, every 4 months it’ll need to be taken apart and cleaned.

Cartridge Filter – Cartridge filters do not have a backwash option. The only way to clean this type of filter is to take it apart. Cartridge filters are cleaned every 4 months.