Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning & Installation

At Aquanomics Pools, we offer comprehensive pool filter installation and cleaning services. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will ensure that your pool filter is installed correctly and safely. We understand that the filter is a crucial component in keeping your pool clean and healthy and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service.

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Filter Installation Services

When you call our professionals for a filter installation, we will first discuss with you the type of filter that is most suitable for your pool and your needs. We can provide advice and recommendations on the best filter for your pool and budget. Once we have decided on the right filter for you, we will then schedule a time to come to your home to install it.

When our technician arrives, they will inspect the pool and surrounding area to make sure there are no issues that could interfere with the installation. Then, they will carefully install the filter following the manufacturer’s instructions. We will make sure that the filter is connected properly and securely, and that all safety protocols are followed. We also check that the filter is functioning correctly.

Types of Pool Filters

We offer two types of pool filters, Cartridge and DE. A cartridge pool filter is a type of filter that uses a porous cylindrical cartridge to capture dirt and debris. This type of filter is usually powered by a pump and is easy to maintain. The cartridge filter works by drawing water into its housing, where it is forced through the filter cartridge. The cartridge is made of a porous material, such as pleated paper or nylon mesh. As the water passes through the filter, dirt, and debris are trapped within the filter, allowing the clean water to pass through and be returned to the pool.

A DE filter, also known as a diatomaceous earth filter, is another popular choice for pool filtration. DE filters work by allowing water to flow through a tank filled with DE. As the water passes through the DE, the tiny particles of DE act as a filter and trap any dirt or debris in the water. The filtered water then passes through to the pool, while the dirt and debris are trapped in the DE. We can take a look at your pool and determine if a cartridge or DE filter would better suit your needs.

Pool Filter Cleaning Services

To ensure your filter is working optimally, we recommend that you have it serviced every 4 months. We clean both DE and Cartridge filters. Our technicians can also perform regular maintenance and repairs on your filter to keep it in top condition. Regular maintenance ensures that your pool’s internal mechanisms function well and that the pool water is circulating properly. A dirty filter will not allow water to circulate as it should, leading to algae growth.

During our cleaning, the filters are taken apart and the drain plug is pulled so water is emptied out of the tank. All of the internals and tank are cleaned then put back together. Before and after photos are provided to you via email after the job is done.

DE Filter – Needs to be backwashed a couple times a month. DE is included during this process. If you have a weekly maintenance service with Aquanomics Pools, we do not charge to backwash the pool filter. However, every 4 months it’ll need to be taken apart and cleaned.

Cartridge Filter – Cartridge filters do not have a backwash option. The only way to clean this type of filter is to take it apart. Cartridge filters are cleaned every 4 months.

We Offer Professional, Reliable Pool Filter Installation & Cleaning

If you are looking for a reliable and professional pool filter installation service, then Aquanomics Pools is here to help. Our technicians will ensure that your filter is installed correctly and that you are fully satisfied with the job. We take pride in our work and guarantee that you will be completely happy with the results. Contact us to learn more about our pool filter services today!