Pool Remodels

Pool remodeling, or pool renovation is not just about addressing cosmetic issues or fixing structural flaws; it’s about completely transforming the style and essence of your swimming pool. With modern advances in materials, finishes, and repair techniques, the possibilities available in swimming pool remodeling and swimming pool renovation have greatly expanded.

At Aquanomics Pools, we make it our mission to stay ahead of the latest trends and master the newest techniques in pool resurfacing and renovation. This dedication ensures that we can deliver our clients the most innovative and high-quality pool remodels, setting the standard for excellence in swimming pool renovation.

Pool Remodeling
Pool Upgrades and Remodels

When it comes to pool restoration and pool refurbishment, the options are endless. At Aquanomics Pools, we understand that budget is a primary constraint, but we’re dedicated to providing many beautiful options for even the smallest of budgets.

Our popular remodeling projects involve not only aesthetic enhancements but also functional upgrades like concrete pool deck repair and swimming pool deck repair. Our commitment is to ensure that your pool area is not just visually appealing but also safe and durable, reflecting the latest trends in pool design and technology.

Some of our more popular remodeling projects involve:

Replastering & Other Surface Upgrades

Plaster-surfaced swimming pools can be refreshed with a new coat of plaster. This especially makes sense when stains are extensive or the plaster is cracked, pitted or otherwise mottled. This naturally happens with age, but can accelerate when pool chemicals are consistently out of balance. (Needing help with your pool chemicals? Ask us about our professional pool service offering.) Replastering covers over the old plaster to create a look that is like new. For a more dramatic change, plaster can even be tinted to change the color of the pool.

In addition to traditional pool plaster, pool surfaces can be refinished with upgraded materials including pebble, quartz, glass beads, crushed shells and marble. At Aquanomics Pools, we work with our customers to determine their best solution, weighing many factors including lifestyle, home style, longevity and budget.

Pool Tile & Coping Services

NPT-National Pool Tile

Your swimming pool tile has to be ultra-durable. And tile designed for swimming pools will give you the most durable bang for your buck: Pool tile is non-porous and coated with a specially formulated glaze that prevents cracking and fading. The special glaze also makes pool tile water-resistant and easy to clean.


Pool coping is the capping or edging that is placed around the swimming pool shell wall or, as someone once said: Pool coping is the crowning glory of your pool. DFW Coping, one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of precast concrete pool coping in the US, has been producing hand crafted coping for over 50 years!

Updating Pool Coping

Pool coping is used to cover the structural edges of your swimming pool. It is an attractive design feature, but also serves the very functional purpose of keeping water from seeping behind the pool shell and causing damage. Coping upgrades take place when existing coping repair isn’t feasible or when a client is looking to upgrade the look of the pool There is a wide array of pool coping options available on the market today. Some of the more popular ones include natural stone, bricks, concrete and composite material pavers.

Changing out Decking

Switching out pool decking is another way to really transform a pool. Thankfully, there are options to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Maybe you’re dreaming of luxurious marble tile, or drawn to the natural, rustic look of flagstone. Maybe you have the desire for a high-end tile, but not the budget. Know that stamped, stained and scored concrete can create looks that rival the most beautiful stone and tile on the market today.

Adding Water Features

Water features dramatically upgrade the look of a pool. Additionally, the sound of falling water can enhance the overall ambiance of the pool area and drown out traffic noise. Once again, options abound. We install waterfalls, bubblers, deck jets, scuppers, spillways and more.

Fence Staining

Don’t forget about your pool fence. A re-stained fence is a truly affordable way to enhance the look of the pool area. We have a team of skilled painters to get the job done beautifully.

Not sure where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck? Let us provide you with trusted, experienced feedback. Check out our project gallery for some inspiration!

Full Service Pool Renovation

Whether it is the only work you need or part of an overall pool restoration or pool transformation, you can trust Aquanomics Pools for quality, reliable pool repair work. In addition to equipment repairs and upgrades, some of our more common repair jobs include:

Plaster & Coping Rust Repair

Rust is unsightly on pool floors, coping and decking. We’ve got the knowledge and tools needed to address rust. Importantly, this includes identifying the source of the rust for repair and future rust prevention. Depending on the situation, the rust may be removable and, if not, we use proven cosmetic techniques to eliminate the eyesore.

Pool Crack Repair

Aquanomics Pools has experience working with all of the modern pool surface materials including traditional plaster and the pebble and quartz-based varieties. Certainly, you will receive a functional pool repair, but, additionally, you can expect us to place a high priority on the aesthetics of the repair.

Reseating, Regrouting and Resealing Tile and Stone

Over time tile and stone can become loose. Grout can crack or otherwise deteriorate. Seals can fade and erode. Sometimes a tile or stone is broken. We professionally repair, replace, and re-grout tile and stonework. We can seal and reseal pool coping, decking, and other pool surfaces and have them look like new.

Mastic Seal Repair

Pool mastic is the expansion joint seal between an in-ground pool and the decking. Pool leak sealer or Mastic keeps water from getting under your decking or between your pool wall and the ground. Mastic can deteriorate over the years and should be repaired to prevent costly damage.

Leak Detection

Being a certified pool service provider, we know our way around a swimming pool. If you suspect a leak, our trained professionals will find it, or confirm for you what is otherwise going on. And when leak repair is necessary, you can trust us for an honest, dependable recommendation on what needs to happen next.

From touching up minor issues to complete overhauls, you can trust Aquanomics Pools for your pool remodeling. Whether you have a specific look in mind, or are seeking trusted recommendations for what to do, you can count on us to create your perfect backyard oasis. Contact us today to discuss your pool and request a free quote on your project.

BEFORE - old tile, coping, plaster. Outdated spa.
BEFORE - old tile, coping, plaster. Outdated spa.
AFTER - New tile, coping, plaster. Converted old spa to tanning ledge.