Pool Repairs

General Information Regarding Pool Repairs in Your Area

Aquanomics Pools has licensed pool professionals that can handle any and all pool repairs and upgrades.

Pool Repair

These are some of the equipment related items we can use for pool repairs or upgrades:

  • Pumps – Upgrade your pump to a variable speed pump. This allows energy efficiency which will save money on the electric bill.
  • Filters– There are three types of filters. Cartridge, DE, and Sand. We can take a look at your pool and determine if a cartridge or DE filter would better suit your needs. However, we do not work on sand filters.
  • Heaters– The most common heaters are natural gas and propane. Also, the most common sizes are 250BTU and 400BTU. Ask us about the best sized heater to accommodate your pool.
  • Saltwater Systems– These systems are normally based on preference. However, people who have sensitive skin or allergies prefer salt over chlorine.
  • Automatic Cleaners– Over time the pool sweeps will wear out and no longer be effective. Therefore, we are able to replace or upgrade pool sweeps, often switching from suction side sweeps to pressure sweeps.
  • Upgraded Control Boards– These boards allow our customers to control their equipment from their mobile device. No more PDA remotes required. Control the lights, heater, pump and more from a smartphone app. Therefore, making your pool experience much better!
  • LED Lighting – Our customers love these lights. Instead of a regular light, LED lights give the backyard a cool new look by displaying multiple colors, such as red, blue, green, or yellow.
  • Timers – This will include either a dial timer or a control board. The type of timer you need would depend on how you want to control your pool equipment. Freeze protection is a must to prevent damage during the winter. So you want to make sure that’s working properly.
  • Chlorinators – chlorinators determine how your pool is sanitized with chlorine.

We pride ourselves on fixing your equipment in a timely manner. Depending on the issue, waiting forever isn’t an option. Give us a call and we can help with any repair need right away!

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