Repair Pool Covers Before Fall

Repair Pool Covers Before FallShould pool repairs be completed before fall arrives? Absolutely! It’s particularly crucial if the damaged areas are associated with pool covers. There are obviously a number of different pool covers on the market. However, the ones most needed towards autumn’s kickoff block leaves as well as increase water temperature or retain heat.

Why Repair Pool Covers Before Fall?

By blocking the leaves, they’ll help reduce the need for further pool repairs and deep cleaning services. The heat retention feature, on the other hand, goes a long way in extending the swimming season. That said, repairs to pool covers should definitively be made sooner rather than later.

Can All Pool Covers Be Repaired?

The average response is yes and no. Yes, all types of pool covers may be repaired but in spite of that, replacement could be the better option. Let’s take solar pool covers as examples. Although very effective at naturally elevating pool temperatures, they tend to degrade over time. Once the covers start to deteriorate, they begin to lose their ability to add heat. Thus, it is generally more cost-effective in the long run to replace an old solar cover than have it repaired.

Pool Repair Pros May Suggest Replacement

Conversely, thermal, automatic, hidden and winter pool covers typically last a very long time without losing effectiveness. So oftentimes it is wiser to have those types of covers repaired as opposed to replaced. Bearing that in mind, we’d suggest relying on pool repair experts to make those types of decisions. They have experience working with a wide range of pool covers and therefore are particularly adept at knowing which ones need to be repaired or replaced.

Why Not Make All Pool Repairs at Once?

Of course pool repairs involve more than covers. As such, having all areas of the pool inspected and repaired before Fall arrives is a wise move. It saves on service calls and ensures a few more weeks of excellent swimming. To have damaged covers and other areas assessed by a professional, please contact our Aquanomics Pools’ staff members today. We’ll provide all customers with reasonable, upfront pricing and written estimates.