Revitalizing your Pool

Pools are mainly luxury items for most owners. Although pools should simply serve the intended purpose, which is to house swimming water, some pool owners may feel disgruntled about the appearance, pool structure, or even the old design initially used to construct the pool. Most people, however, don’t know what to do and end up putting up with it for ages. For others, financial problems may be the reason they put up with the dissatisfactory appearance of their pool. Pool owners, however, no longer need to worry about any of these problems, since Aquanomics Pools is dedicated to revitalizing your pool to suit the customer’s preferences in size, shape, design, and even aesthetics.

Revitalizing your Pool

Services Offered

Aquanomics Pools offers a variety of professional and modern pool remodeling services for its clientele. Some of these services for revitalizing your pool include:

  • Surface and replastering upgrades- Natural processes such as unbalanced pool chemicals may cause the plaster in your pool to wear or fade. Our professionals can fully replaster your pool and additionally upgrade your pool surface with pebbles, marble, or quartz to give your pool a fresh and classy new look.
  • Rust repair and cleaning- It is common to find some pools with a rusty-looking floor that may not be particularly appealing for the owner to view. Services include removing the rust by cleaning using agents and establishing the source of the rust to prevent future occurrences.
  • Pool crack repair- Depending on the material used in making the pool or its surface, there can be cracks for many reasons. We not only restore your pool but also focus on remodeling it most beautifully for you.
  • Adding water features- Water features are geared at aesthetic value and come in handy as they enhance the pool environment by drowning out unwanted noise. Services under this feature include the installation of waterfalls, bubblers, and jets.

At Aquanomics Pools, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best construction and remodeling services for their pools. We are listed and insured and pride ourselves on being among the best in the business. Customers may contact us or schedule an appointment with our technicians for any queries regarding swimming pools.