Salt Water Pool Vs. Chlorine Water Pool—How Do They Compare?

Are you in the market for a pool? Often, deciding on the best fit can be overwhelming. And more so, when it comes to choosing the ideal type of system. For quite some time now, the salt water pool and chlorine pool debate has been raging. And as can be seen today, many proprietors and property owners are either redesigning these systems from scratch or converting existing chlorine pools into salt pools.

Salt Water Pool Vs. Chlorine Water Pool—How Do They Compare?

But what’s the difference between these two systems? What makes one superior compared to the other? Let’s make a quick run-down of the two systems.

Benefits of A Salt Water Pool

Undeniably, saltwater is substantially more accommodating for swimmers. But what you need to know is that chlorine is still present in these two types of pools—with the difference markedly noticeable in the volumes. As such, the amount of chlorine needed is slightly lower in saltwater pools. And comparatively, the pH levels are significantly higher. As a result, the saltwater pool is gentler on your skin—this means it limits the burning sensation that causes itchy or dry skin.

What’s more, this type of pool is less costly to maintain. Basically, you benefit from the reduced periodic demands to add chlorine tablets into the water. Instead, all you have to do is add salt. Subsequently, the saltwater goes through an electrical system that exacts a charge on the salt and thus creates the chlorine on its own.

For that reason, you’re able to commit less time to the maintenance of saltwater pool. Besides, the control box that charges the salt also maintains the optimal chlorine levels. Based on that assessment, after installing the system you gain more control—allowing you to set up timers for the days you’re away on vacation.

Bottom Line

Once a preserve for the luxury hospitality industry, the systems are now also available for pool owners to enjoy on their properties. Contact us and have saltwater systems installed in your pool today.