Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Replace Pool Filters

Signs that Indicate it's Time to Replace Pool FiltersPool filters play an important role in keeping your water clean and preventing damage to your pump. If you have cartridge-type filters, they will eventually wear out and require replacing. It’s important to check your pool filters on a regular basis and replace them altogether if you notice any of these signs.

#1. Your filter is extremely stained after cleaning it

Cartridge filters are just like the filters in your vacuum cleaner, air cleaner, or furnace in that you can remove them for easy cleaning. Even so, they may become stained over time, and may not come clean when you spray them with a water hose. It’s normal for filters to show some dirt after cleaning, but if they appear especially dark or dirty, this is a sign you should replace them.

#2. The bands surrounding the pleated sections are broken

Your cartridge filter is made up of a number of pleated sections that are held together by thin white or blue bands that encircle them. When these bands become strained, they will eventually break, which compromises the integrity of your filter. To prevent your filter from falling apart, make a replacement whenever you notice a broken band.

#3. The plastic circle on top of your filter is cracked or broken

Cracks in the plastic circle at the top of your filter will allow water to pass through the system unfiltered. As such, your water may not be as clean as you would like if this circle is damaged in any way. Even a tiny crack can be problematic, so you should not wait until the crack is bigger before making a replacement.

Some pool owners routinely replace their filters at the end of each season as a precautionary measure. Whether or not that’s needed will largely depend on the size of your pool and how heavy your usage is. If you’re unsure if it’s time to replace pool filters, you can always contact us for advice.