Summer Filter Cleaning

Summer Filter Cleaning

Cleaning the filter is very important during this time of year. Good circulation is a must or algae can start to grow in your pool – even with the chemicals balanced. If you notice the water pressure from the jets trickling, that’s a good indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. Also, take a look at the pressure gauge on top of the filter. If you have a cartridge filter and the pressure is above 25 it needs to be cleaned. On a DE filter is the pressure is above 22, try backwashing it. The pressure should go down to around 15 psi. If the pressure goes right back up to 22 the filter needs to be cleaned.

Don’t let the filter pressure get to 30 psi and stay that way for very long.

Cleaning the filter will also preserve the life of the internals. With all the pressure trapped inside it can crack the manifold or the grids/cartridges which can be expensive to replace. It’s always better to be preventative and that’s why we recommend filter cleans 3 times a year.

Aquanomics Pools offers a filter cleaning schedule, even if you clean your own pool. Give us a call to join our every 4 month program. A week before each appointment during the year we will call with a friendly reminder that the filter clean is due. Our filter cleans are $95.00 each.

Feel free to give us a call anytime with any questions or to schedule an appointment.