Choosing a Pool Tile You’ll Love

Tiling your pool is a big decision, one that will influence the appearance of your yard for years to come. The colors, patterns, and textures you choose will permanently shape your backyard experiences. Will your pool be the lagoon of your naturalist haven or a shining sapphire to complete your backyard mini-resort? Whatever you choose, … Read more

Chlorine Sensitivity: What You Need To Know

Hypochlorous acid, or simply “chlorine”, is a necessary part of your pool’s standard maintenance regimen. The chlorine molecule is responsible for killing microorganisms in your pool’s water and preventing the spread of bacteria. It is distributed in tablet, granular, or liquid form. Though chlorine is essential for the health of your pool, chlorine sensitivity could prevent swimmers from … Read more

Schedule Acid Washing and Maintenance

Spring and Summer are behind us so why not use the remaining weeks to get your outdoor living space into shape? We’d recommend starting with one key feature, the swimming pool. It’s an excellent time to have it drained and acid washed. Why acid washing? Simply put, it will literally wash away any stains from … Read more