Mastic: A Protective Seal For Your Pool

Mastic is an organic glue made from the mastic tree. Because of its great flexibility, it is often used where materials are expected to flex with weather conditions. Swimming pools use Mastic as a joint compound for decks and for the coping around the edges.   Swimming pools are subject to expansion and contraction thanks … Read more

The Ins And Outs Of Pool Plaster

A finished pool surface is a thing of beauty. It’s smooth and lustrous, inviting you to run your hand over it. What is it though? The Components And Purpose  In a concrete in-ground pool, the surface is made of pool plaster. This is a mixture of Portland cement and additives such as marble dust, quartz … Read more

The Most Common Pool Problems

A backyard pool is a fantastic addition to just about any home. Better yet, a heated pool can make your backyard a haven for relaxation year-round. However, pools require a good amount of work and maintenance and many people are shocked at how much upkeep a pool requires. At Aquanomics Pools, we can help maintain … Read more

Pool Services and Repairs Done Right

When hiring a pool company to perform routine care or pool repairs for your swimming pool, you may be placing more trust in them than you realize. After all, the cleanliness of your pool can affect the health of all who enter its waters. A poorly maintained pool can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and … Read more

Pool Repairs: An Ounce Of Prevention

Why Worry About Pool Repairs? After all, you have more pressing issues, right?  Well, there are more reasons, but these quickly come to mind: The health and safety of those using the pool. This factor is the reason we use professionals who make sure the water is safe to swim in. They don’t adjust the chemical content for appearance, but for … Read more

Repair Pool Covers Before Fall

Should pool repairs be completed before fall arrives? Absolutely! It’s particularly crucial if the damaged areas are associated with pool covers. There are obviously a number of different pool covers on the market. However, the ones most needed towards autumn’s kickoff block leaves as well as increase water temperature or retain heat. Why Repair Pool Covers … Read more

Party Time Tip: Don’t Forget to Make Pool Maintenance a Priority

Poolside entertaining is a beloved rite of summer. Unfortunately, it also requires a little work beforehand. For one, there is pool maintenance that must be done before the guests arrive. After all, a dirty pool is more than just an uninviting eyesore. Schedule Pool Maintenance With Us! Our partial and premium pool maintenance services include routine chemical checks, … Read more

Save Time with a One-Time Pool Cleaning

Whether you’ve been away from your home for a few weeks or you’ve recently moved into a home with an existing pool, it may be time for the pool to receive a deep cleaning. Instead of exchanging the filter, adding the necessary pool chemicals, and so on, you can relieve yourself of this extra work … Read more