The Importance of Pool Cleaning

Keeping your swimming pool clean seems obvious, but after the initial thrill of buying and having the pool installed wears off, the chore of maintaining it becomes less appealing. The importance of pool cleanings gradually increases with pool usage. Without proper cleaning, a swimming pool not only starts to look unappealing. It can also become a health and safety hazard for family and guests.

The Importance of Pool Cleaning

To keep your pool in tip-top shape, make sure that you regularly:

Brush the Pool

This means brushing the top of the pool edges and from the top of the pool wall to below the water level to remove dirt and grime. Every time someone climbs out of the pool or sits on the edge, they leave behind body oils that attract dirt.  Brush with steady strokes, and push the dirt toward the recirculating drain.

You also want to brush the stairs and/or ladder. These also become grimy with use and are easily overlooked.

Net Debris from the Pool

Using a long net, skim the top of the water to remove debris such as leaves and dead insects. Even a swimming pool with an automatic cleaning system needs an occasional manual netting.

Empty Out the Pump Basket and Skimmer Basket

If your pool is to stay clean, then the water must be filtered. A pump basket clogged with debris can make your pump work harder and lead to dirty water.

Cleaning the pump basket involves turning off the pool pump, turning off the heater, closing the skimmer and main drain valves and using a garden hose to wash debris from the basket. Cleaning the skimmer basket entails removing its lid and then emptying it out.  Once the pump basket and skimmer baskets are clean, then turn the pump and heater back on.

A simple way to keep your pool clean is to hire a professional pool cleaning company.  You will enjoy a sparkling clean swimming pool every day without the hassle of having to do the netting, brushing and emptying yourself

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