Three Times when you should Consider Bead Blasting

No matter how clean your pool is, having tile stained with calcium or lime deposits can really detract from its appearance. Bead blasting is an effective method of removing these deposit and restoring your tile’s surface. How do you know whether bead blasting is right for you? Here are some ways.

Three Times when you should Consider Bead Blasting

#1. Your tile has a dull, dingy appearance

This is most often due to build-up that occurs over time. Rather than looking fresh and clean, your tile can appear worn, stained, or even outdated. This is most likely caused by filling your pool with hard water, but it can also occur from mineral deposits in rainwater or even the use of certain chemicals. The best way to get your tile looking like new is through bead blasting.

#2. You have tried cleaning your tile, but have not achieved sufficient results

Have you become frustrated by your own efforts to clean your tile? If so, you are not alone. Do-it-yourself methods that involve using a scrub brush or pumice stone often provide less-than-desirable results. They are also quite tiring and time consuming. Bead blasting on the other hand provides amazing results in only a fraction of the time it would take to clean your tile by hand.

#3. You are concerned about breaking or damaging your tile

There is an inherent risk involved with sand blasting, buffing, and other cleaning methods. That’s not the case with bead blasting, which is very gentle and will not result in damage. Bead blasting is therefore an especially good choice if you have older tile that is particularly susceptible to cracking or breaking.

Bead blasting is a great way to get your pool in tip-top shape. Whether you are just opening your pool for the season or are planning a swimming party, please contact us to ensure you are ready to go.